130$ FPV Drone 3.5 Inch - Limited Offer

Custom FPV drone Build for under $130, complete. Our guide provides the parts and details to start your FPV journey today!

130$ FPV Drone 3.5 Inch - Limited Offer

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on building your very own custom FPV drone for under $130! Whether you're a beginner eager to start your journey into the exciting world of FPV (First-Person View) drones or an enthusiast looking for a budget-friendly project, this guide is perfect for you. We've selected good parts yet affordable components to ensure you get the best performance without breaking the bank. Plus, thanks to a limited-time offer with our partner, AliExpress, you can build this fantastic drone at an even more unbeatable price. Let’s get started!

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Now let's get started with the hardware you need:

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We chose the 3.5-inch Happymodel Crux35 frame for its affordability and quality, making it perfect for our budget-conscious build. The Crux35 is known for offering great value for money. It supports both 20x20 mm and 25.5x25.5 mm mounting holes for the stack, giving us flexibility in selecting the right flight controller and ESCs. Additionally, it has 14x14 mm camera mounting holes and 9mm motor mounts, designed to easily fit motors ranging from 12XX to 14XX.


For the flight controller and ESC combo, we went with the Speedy Bee F405 Mini. While it's a bit pricier than some options, it provides excellent value with features like Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to configure on the go with a mobile app. This makes field adjustments quick and convenient. The integrated ESCs can handle up to 35A per motor, which is more than enough power for our chosen 1404 motors.


We decided on 1404 motors for their balance of efficiency and power, especially when using 3S to 4S batteries. With a 3750kv rating, they offer plenty of thrust without draining the battery too quickly. The 1404 size is lightweight yet powerful, ideal for our 3.5-inch frame, ensuring agility and speed without compromising on flight time.

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To stay within our budget, we selected affordable 3.5-inch propellers from EMAX, a reputable brand known for quality drone components. EMAX propellers are praised for their balance and efficiency, ensuring stable flight and effective power transfer. Their durability minimizes the need for frequent replacements. These propellers are designed to reduce vibration and noise, contributing to a smoother flying experience.


We consolidated our purchases to save on shipping, choosing the RunCam Nano 2 from the same seller who provided the frame, propellers, and receiver. RunCam is a trusted brand offering high-quality cameras, making it a reliable choice for our build. The Nano 2 delivers excellent image clarity and color accuracy, crucial for navigation and capturing footage during flight. Its compact size (14mm width) and lightweight design ensure a perfect fit within the Crux35 frame. The camera's low latency and wide dynamic range make it suitable for various lighting conditions, ensuring clear and responsive video feeds in different environments.


We chose the SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS receiver for its attractive price and compatibility with our setup. The ExpressLRS system is known for its high performance and long-range capabilities, aligning well with our project goals while staying within budget. The receiver's small size and lightweight design make it easy to integrate into the build without adding unnecessary weight. Its robust signal and low latency ensure reliable control and quick response times.


For the VTX (Video Transmitter), we initially considered the Happymodel OVX306 but ultimately chose the RUSH TINY TANK Nano VTX to stay within budget. Although smaller and more challenging to handle, the version with an expansion board simplifies installation. It supports up to 350mW at 5.8GHz, which is sufficient for our needs, and includes features like pit mode, offering great value without sacrificing functionality. The TINY TANK Nano's compact size fits easily into the Crux35 frame. Its adjustable power levels provide flexibility for different flying environments, whether for close-range flights or longer distances.

In conclusion, the Crux35 frame offers a sturdy foundation with versatile mounting options, ensuring compatibility and ease of assembly. The Speedy Bee F405 Mini flight controller and ESC combo provide advanced features and user-friendly configuration, enhancing the overall flying experience. The 1404 motors and EMAX propellers deliver efficient and powerful performance, making the drone agile and responsive.

The RunCam Nano 2 camera and SpeedyBee Nano receiver ensure reliable video and control links, while the RUSH TINY TANK Nano VTX maintains good video transmission quality within budget. This combination of parts results in a high-performing, cost-effective drone build suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring a satisfying and rewarding flying experience.