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35% Discount For 10+ Items & 20% Discount For 5+ Items

6 Workout Essentials That You Need In Your Gym Bag

It’s time to hit the gym, yet every time you get to the gym you remember forgetting something. Here is a list of 11 things you must always have in your gym bag.


1. Sneakers

You know what is worse than not working out, having to workout in city-style sneakers. Sportswear are designed to maximize your performance and comfort. Working out in city-style sneakers can really result in some back pain due to constant pressure on your heels which eventually could lead into neck pain. Not to mention the low performance due to the lack of comfort and the energy back that you can get with some shoes.


2. Headphones

In the gym, music is almost the fuel to your motivation. Whatever genre of music you like, throw in a pair of headphones to make the difference in your workout.


3. Sustanblie Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial. During your workout, you lose so much water in the process. Having to compensate for that lost water and saving the environment with a sustainable water bottle is like killing two birds with one stone. Get your own water bottle from Adrelien Store Today!


4. Gym Clothings

Just like sneakers gym clothing are specially designed to keep you cool dissipate heat at the most vigorous workout. Made from quick-dry to absorb sweat, use it to lower your body temperature and to quickly dry after that. Head over to our store where we have top-tier workout clothing. ADR/PRO made to boost your performance. Some people like to wear gym gear before hitting the gym. In that case, make sure you pack a fresh set of clothing. That includes:

  1. T-Shirt/Shirt
  2. Jeans/Pants
  3. Fresh Underwear
  4. Socks


5. Snacks/Protein Bar

After your workout, you will feel extremely hungry which is normal. It is also recommended to consume your protein within the first 30 minutes of post-workout for the best results. So having a protein bar ready would be ideal. Also having an extra snack after a workout can keep your energy levels up or even as a backup if you feel a sudden drop. 


6. Amenities

Depending on your gym, some might not provide you with basic amenities. So make sure to prepare accordingly.

  1. Towel
  2. Shampo
  3. Flip-Flops
  4. Deodorant 
  5. Toothbrush & Toothpaste


There you have it – the perfectly packed gym bag. Want to show us what else you pack for your workout? Tag @Adreliencom in your next gym post to show off what’s in your gym bag.

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