About Us

About Us

Emerging from an unbridled love for sports, the inception of Adrelien was nothing short of a revelation. The swoosh, an emblem synonymous with dynamic movement, emerged as the quintessential emblem for this vibrant brand. Its lines embody the very essence of speed, agility, and the relentless pursuit of optimal performance. Adrelien’s genesis from the word “Adrenaline” was more than mere nomenclature; it was an inevitable alignment with the brand’s essence.

An anthem and a call to arms, “Every Pulse Counts” resonates as more than a slogan—it’s a testament to the brand’s philosophy. It’s a declaration to harness the rhythm of your heartbeat, to imbue every beat with purpose, and to embody that electric connection between body and motion.

We Adrelien evolved throughout the years to become the best version. Created by a group of gamers so enthusiastic about gaming & tech. We combined our years in the gaming industry & tech to create Adrelien.

Our Story started as two humble gamers playing APB Reloaded from our barely functioning laptops. Being so passionate about gaming we did not care about the performance we enjoyed what we had. Buying our very first game was a big decision since we were university students on a strict budget. We eventually pulled the trigger and bought our first game Left 4 Dead 2. Since then gaming has been something we can never skip. Every single day whenever we can we squad up and start gaming till the dawn. We kept growing in numbers and we decided to be named under one group. Kill On Sight 64 was first created. It was not the best of names but back then it was our sign of dominance and unity.

Year Two growing so big, moving on to a more skilled game we needed a better name more than ever. We needed a name that symbolizes our relationship with each other. NORTH 6 CLUB, explained us very well. Being the majority of us are from the northern hemisphere and most of us got to know each other from the game Rainbow Six Seige. It felt like the name was the perfect name for us to move forward.

Not Being a Gaming Club anymore since we started expanding into more channels, Gaming News, blogs, Podcasts, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Esports Team, and much much more. NORTH 6 CLUB was and still is an outstanding name for us yet it felt so restrictive to scale to be more than a group of gamers. SQUAD FI was born, we are a squad that has been growing since day one, FI symbolizes the Golden squad, the perfect squad, the undivided squad. FI is an abbreviation of PHI the golden ratio. More on the gold ration here

Aim High was our next goal, this move determined the success of our journey throughout the year. This was the start of the new chapter of going global. Adrelien, is the name that conveys feeling when gaming. You feel the Adrelien going in your bloodstream. We live to feel the Adrelien in our bloodstream every minute.

Adrelien is a top-tier gaming organization and community founded in 2016 on the fundamental merits of respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. We have always remained authentic to our beliefs by following the motto “We live to win another victory” Simple words that together stand as a constant reminder of the unparalleled comradeship that we choose to game and live by, on and off the battlefield.


We Welcome players from all corners of the gaming spectrum both leisurely and professionally, offering many opportunities for our members to pursue their ambitions by growing as gamers, creators, leaders, and professionals. We take pride in our vision of building a brand that empowers positivity, promotes professionalism, and nurtures an atmosphere that fosters genuine friendship.

The Swooshes come together to symbolize our unity and interconnectivity, in-game or anywhere we come together Adrelien members are a well-oiled machine, Like a hive of bees, or a nest of ants, we game in harmony.

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