Lilygo T-Echo is Back In Stock

LILYGO T-Echo Meshtastic is available now. This all-in-one LoRa communication device features an E-Ink screen, 5.0 Bluetooth, GPS, and a newer SX1262 chip. The nRF52840 ensures power efficiency. Some versions include extras like NFC and a BME280 sensor for telemetry data.

Lilygo T-Echo is Back In Stock
Lilygo T-Echo Back In Stock
( Out Of Stock - Subscribe For Update) LILYGO T-Echo AliExpress Price 63.98USD
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LILYGO T-Echo Meshtastic: The T-Echo is like an all-in-one package. It's got a backlit E-Ink screen, 5.0 Bluetooth, GPS, a newer SX1262 chip, and an 850 mAh battery packed into a sleek case—no fuss, no soldering needed. Thanks to the nRF52840, it keeps going without stressing over power.

In the Lora game, think of the T-Echo as the Baofeng counterpart—simple and efficient. And surprise! It's not just about Meshtastic; this gem throws in some extras like NFC and some versions come with BME280 sensor for Telemetry Like Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity. So, if you're into hassle-free connectivity, the T-Echo's got you covered with all the essentials.


  • nRF52840 which is far more power efficient than ESP32
  • GPS
  • Battery Included
  • E-Ink Screen
  • Newer Lora Chip
  • With Case - Ready To Use Product
  • Some Versions Come With BME280 Sensor for Telemetry Like Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity


  • Little Pricy
  • No Wifi
  • Stock is Limited
  • Screen Little Bit Fincky
  • No Easy Upgradability/ Customizability

LILYGO T-Echo offers a compelling package for users seeking a hassle-free and efficient solution in the realm of LoRa communication. This device boasts an array of features without the need for soldering or additional components. The inclusion of an 850 mAh battery and the nRF52840 contribute to a power-efficient design.

Furthermore, the T-Echo stands out by incorporating extras like NFC and, in some versions, a BME280 sensor for telemetry data such as pressure, temperature, and humidity. The presence of a sleek case makes it a ready-to-use product, emphasizing simplicity and convenience.