Top 5 Useful Things To 3D Print

Discover the Top 5 Useful Things to 3D Print with Creality Ender-3 V3 SE: From versatile desk clamps to innovative cable organizers like KLIPPT, and even kitchen essentials like the Spoon Rest Ever and Bag Clips, our exploration into 3D printing has unveiled a wealth of practical solutions

Top 5 Useful Things To 3D Print

We've recently acquired a 3D printer and dove headfirst into experimentation. After extensive research, we settled on the Creality Ender-3 V3 SE as our printer of choice. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review. It's proven to be a reliable and budget-friendly option, especially for beginners. However in this post, we'll explore five practical items you can print straight away, maximizing efficiency and minimizing material waste.

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Modular Desk Clamp

One of the most indispensable prints for our Adrelien office is the modular desk clamp. Available in various sizes to accommodate desks of different thicknesses, this clamp has become a staple in our workspace. Once printed, its modular design allows for endless customization options. From cup holders to pen holders, spool holders to storage buckets, the possibilities are boundless. What sets this clamp apart is its adaptability; you can design and integrate any organizer or holder imaginable, seamlessly sliding it into place within the clamp. Whether it's a mic holder for streamers or a headset holder, this clamp opens up a world of creative possibilities. With its flexibility and utility, the sky truly is the limit for this innovative accessory.

Mini Caliper

When it comes to embracing modularity and design, a must-have tool is the caliper. This indispensable instrument proves invaluable whether you're fine-tuning designs or simply visualizing measurements. Limited to 5cm, it's the perfect introductory tool to print. Its small size makes it conveniently portable, fitting snugly in your pocket or on a keychain. Plus, it prints quickly, making it an ideal first project to kickstart your 3D printing journey. With its simplicity and utility, you can't go wrong with adding this caliper to your toolkit.

KLIPPT - Locking Cable Clip

KLIPPT is a highly versatile cable organizer designed to revolutionize your cable management experience. This ingenious design consists of two parts: one for threading your cables through, and the other for attaching your cable holders. The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility—you can effortlessly add or swap cable holders of various sizes, from small to large, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. What's more, the bases that secure the cable holders offer two options: one for easy screw-in installation and the other for convenient two-sided tape application. With this design, achieving clean and hidden under-desk cable organization has never been easier. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to a clutter-free workspace!

Spoon Rest Ever

Next up, a practical and charming addition to your kitchen: the spoon holder with a built-in drip tray. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a spot for your cooking utensils mid-preparation. While using a plate as a makeshift holder is an option, this specialized tool offers a more efficient solution. Designed to catch any drips from your spoon, it not only keeps your cooking area tidy but also saves you the time and effort of having to fetch additional dishes. With this spoon holder, cooking becomes even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Small Clip For Bags

Are you tired of your bag of chips going stale before you can finish them? Say goodbye to dry snacks with these handy clips designed to keep your opened plastic bags fresh and securely sealed. Simply print a few of these clips, clip them on your bag, and secure them in place. Not only will they maintain the freshness of your food, but they'll also prevent spills and keep your kitchen neat and tidy. With these clips, your snacks stay fresh, your kitchen stays clean, and you can enjoy your favorite treats for longer.

In conclusion, our journey into 3D printing has been both exciting and fruitful, thanks to the Creality Ender-3 V3 SE. Its reliability and affordability have enabled us to explore a myriad of practical solutions for everyday challenges. From versatile desk clamps to innovative cable organizers like KLIPPT, and even kitchen essentials like the Spoon Rest Ever and Bag Clips, we've discovered the endless possibilities this technology offers. As we continue to experiment and innovate, we look forward to sharing more insights and creations that maximize efficiency while minimizing waste. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in our 3D printing adventures.