Meshtastic DIY ESP32 & Lora Radio 3D Case

Looking to build your own Meshtastic LoRa Node with ESP32? Follow our step-by-step guide. Once you've assembled the components, simply Print Our Design and Enjoy Your Node.

Meshtastic DIY ESP32 & Lora Radio 3D Case

Following up on our tutorial we design a case to house the DIY ESP32 Meshtastic Node.

Meshtastic DIY - How To Build Your Own Meshtastic Node ESP32 & Lora Radio
“Create your own Meshtastic LoRa Node with our easy DIY guide. A complete step-by-step for building your customized mesh communication system.

The case is very tight on exactly sized for the ESP32. With just enough space to hold the Lora RA-02 DIP Module. You also have little space to throw in a buzzer.

How To Add Buzzer To DIY ESP32 / Heltec Lora V3 Meshtastic Node
In this guide, we’ll walk you through adding a buzzer to your existing ESP32 Lora Meshtastic Node. This guide will work also for any Heltec Lora V3 boards but slight changes might be required. Hardware Now let’s get started with the hardware you need: * 1x Buzzer - AliExpress Price: 0.

The top features an SMA-sized hole and the bottom for the USB to power your node. Soon we will release a design that is battery-powered as well. In the front, we have small holes from LEDs and two small holes to press the buttons with a paper clip. It is made to keep the water out as much as possible yet it is not considered water resistance though. Lastly, the lid is snap-on so you won't need any extra hardware to get the case assembled. We printed this case with Ender-3 V3 SE with standard settings with the Creality Slicer with High-Quality option.

ESP32 Case With Snap On Lid & Antenna & Lora ( Meshtastic )